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The Neat Freak Clients

"All my life I have tried to be an organized person - however, this is one skill I was not born with. When me and my husband bought our first home, I was so excited to have a walk in closet. Everyday I walk into my closet and think to myself, I wish I had more space because I have so much stuff. It wasn’t until Elisa the NEAT FREAK came over to see if she could help me have my dream closet. Elisa took one look at my mess of a closet and with a big smile on her face, she looked at me and said I have a vision and I can totally make your dream closet a reality and give you the space that you are looking for. So we set a date and time for her to come over. When she was done with my closet, I was speechless as she made my closet absolutely beautiful and I could not believe how much space I now have. My closet is organized so beautifully. Elisa is amazing and has so much talent. 
Thank you Neat Freak!!"

  Lorilynn Pollard

"Elisa with the Neat Freak, what can I say?
Your work is nothing short of miraculous!
You came to my home and took a very small pantry and organized it into a working, organized space.
The way you can vision a project and bring it to life is amazing.
Not only is my pantry organized for the first time ever, it is also a beautiful space in my home that I will love to show off.
You are the best and my family loves your positive energy and vibe and how it comes to  life in your work.
Thank you so much"

  Tom Pollard

Elisa helped me with my closet and really changed my life!

Sometimes we underestimate the importance of those things in our lives.

But now that she helped me, it is easier to get ready, easy to see what I need or even what I don’t need any more!! More than a beautiful closet I have something that works for my life style (always running late), this for me is the most important part! Everything was done with a lot of love...

I just love it!

  Lorena Cabus

Elisa was an absolute gem to work with! She completely transformed by entryway hall closet from a boring, unused space to a beautifully organized work of art!! She is the ultimate professional from her ideas and her communication down to the materials she uses. She truly loves what she does and it shows! Thank you Elisa “The Neat Freak” for all of your help on my project!

Lindsey Tronolone

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